salecabina di salecabina di sale


30 minutes of Halotherapy

Aerosal® Salt Cabin


Up to 4 people per session

Separate shifts for adults and children*

Free for parents*


The ideal cycle is 10-12 sessions,
preferably daily, to be repeated several times during the year

You can order packages and book halotherapy sessions
whenever you want and for whomever you want





The cost for one session is:

€ 30.00 x 1 person



Save money in group!

Book your session with friends and family:
(up to max 4 people)

€ 27.00 x 2 people = € 54.00

€ 24.00 x 3 people = € 72.00

€ 21.00 x 4 people = € 84.00


You will pay on the day of the session

Free for parents*


Book one session →







Increase savings!

Order one package:

 Cycle for 1 person 
10 sessions = € 200.00

 Cycle for 2 people 
20 sessions = € 360.00

 Cycle for 3 people 
30 sessions = € 480.00


You will pay on the day of first session

Free for parents*


Order one package →

..and book your sessions!


* To improve your comfort, we have distinguished the schedules of adults and children. The Aerosal® Salt Cabin is equipped with chromotherapy and audio and video devices that will be activated during the halotherapy session according to your preferences. For this reason we try to form groups based on age. However it is not a precise distinction, in fact we have not set age limits and we are pretty flexible. So if you are a busy adult in the morning, you can book in the afternoon. However, please try to respect these guidelines to improve the service as much as possible. Thank you!


* Children from 0 to 10 years old can enter the cabin together with an adult, the adult does not pay:
    ☞ book the sessions considering only the number of children you bring (max 4 per session).


For info and reservations you can also contact us on WhatsApp



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We remind you that after each booking you will be contacted by telephone (or by message) to confirm the date, time and name of who will be performing the halotherapy session. To know more: Terms of use.


We are waiting for you!

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